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  • Muruthi Thuita

    Muruthi Thuita

  • Romain Pouclet

    Romain Pouclet

    Developer Relations Engineer @ buddybuild

  • Asit Gupta

    Asit Gupta

  • Tara Kelly

    Tara Kelly

    Data editor at European Journalism Centre | DataJournalism.com. Podcast host of Conversations with Data. Formerly CNN, HuffPost & TIME. TaraKellyMedia.com

  • Ananda Barbalho

    Ananda Barbalho

    Arqueia do terceiro raio, mãe e triunfante.

  • Steve Grosbois

    Steve Grosbois

    CTO, #AndroidDev @playmoweb France

  • Renato Ramos

    Renato Ramos

    A software engineer, Mobile Developer, Android, IoT and interested in Magic Tricks.

  • Zayid Mohammed

    Zayid Mohammed

    Android Developer @ Learnwithflip.com

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